Churchyard Graves

Almondsbury Churchyard – Plan of the Churchyard

Almondsbury Graves – Record of the graves

Almondsbury Churchyard – Photographs of graves


To explore the graves in Almondsbury Churchyard we suggest that you start by looking at the Plan of the Churchyard – which is divided into areas A1, A2 etc and graves number G1, G2 etc.

As far as possible, for each grave a transcription of the inscription on the headstone is given in the document Almondsbury Graves using the same system eg A1 G7 is Area A1 Grave Number 7.

The link Almondsbury Churchyard lists photographs of all graves using the same system A1 G7 etc.


Please note that Almondsbury Churchyard is the area immediately around the church.  Almondsbury Cemetery is a local authority cemetery run  jointly by Almondsbury and Patchway Parish Councils.  Further information on Almondsbury Cemetery is available at