St Mary’s Church Almondsbury, a Church of England Parish Church in the Diocese of Bristol

There has been a Christian place of worship on this site for at least eight centuries, and parts of the present church date back to the late Norman period, notably the fine entrance porch, with the priest’s chamber above. The choir, chancel tower and unusual spire (of a pattern found in only two other English churches) are certainly several hundred years old.

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Serving the whole Community

St Mary’s is the parish church; the church for the whole community, not just for those who attend its services.

We are here to be of service in the major “life events” of birth, marriage and death.  All those who live in our community may ask for Baptism for their children, Weddings for couples, and Funerals for the departed. These are also available to people living outside the parish who have close links with St Mary’s, or who worship with us regularly.

A much-appreciated event is the marriage preparation course, for those intending to marry during the coming year. Contact a minister on 07526 972893 if you are interested in this course.

We try to provide care, comfort, encouragement and support for all who are experiencing problems, sickness or sadness, from whatever cause: “a problem shared is a problem halved”. If you would find it helpful to talk things over with the Vicar, or with one of our experienced Pastoral Assistants, or if you would like someone to pray with you, or you need someone to provide a sympathetic listening ear, please do get in touch. Send an email or phone 07526 972893.


Our church building offers a quiet place to sit, to meditate, to pray, to be at peace. The church is always open during daylight hours: it is your church; please use it.

Prayer is a vital part of our work as a church. Through the intercessions at our services, and through our prayer meetings, we seek to bring to God the needs of individuals, of our community and nation, and of His world.

Please let us know if there is someone or something you would like us to pray about.  There is a prayer request board in the Lady Chapel in church, with prayer request cards to fill in and pin up. Sometimes people would value personal prayer. Do let us know, so that one or two of us can pray with you.

Bible Reading

The stand at the back of the church has sample Bible Reading Fellowship booklets for you to look at and borrow if you wish. These are a great help towards daily reading of the Bible. If you would like to subscribe, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact David Ashford.

The Lich Gate Magazine

Our Church and Village Magazine, The Lich Gate, is published ten times a year and is delivered free of charge to all homes in the Parish.  Copies are also available on the Church hymn table.