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Pre ABRP – Hatch (October 2017)

Day 1

Good progress on day 1. The tower has been erected in the ringing room. All of the boards have been lifted and joists removed in the belfry to reveal the space required to fit the hatch. The remaining timbers will be treated and the ceiling will be cut out today.

Day 2

Progress on day 2 was good. Tarpaulin fitted under the ceiling to be removed. Ceiling joists cut through and removed. Lath & plaster ceiling cut through and removed. Redundant materials bagged up and carted away.

Day 3

Another day of good progress. The oak hatch frame has been assembled trimmed to fit existing floor ceiling depth which of course varies so had to be trimmed to match. Glued and screwed together. Lifted into position and secured to new and existing trimmers/joists. Existing cut timbers to be treated tomorrow before cutting and fitting boards.

Day 4

Good progress today. Ceiling gaps filled and rough plastered. Floor boards cut and trimmed. Will fix with screws so we can access if needs be. Finishing coating of ceiling plaster tomorrow then allowing to dry before painting. Fixing architrave and new rope bosses for 5th.

Day 5

Another day of progress. Fixing lifting rings to ceiling panels and floor panels. Final plaster coating. Architrave fitting. Existing floor boards cut to size and reused. Hole for new floor boss on 5th cut and ceiling panel too. Need to leave plaster to dry overnight.  Lots of clearing up to do before painting tomorrow.

Day 6

The final coat of plaster is still not dry enough and so the mist coat of paint to the ceiling can’t be done today. That means that the Tower Frame cannot be removed until the final of 2 coats of paint on the ceiling and gloss on the architrave and ceiling panels have been done. The tower frame removal and clearing up can’t be done in time for ringing on Monday.

Day 7

Ceiling panels fitted and secured. Lifting ropes fitted. Insulation 200mm thick fitted. Floor panels fitted and secured. First paint coat applied to ceiling left to dry overnight. Final coat tomorrow.

Day 8

Completion today. 2nd coat of plaster ceiling paint applied. Tower frame dismantled and removed. Site cleared and left clean and tidy. Keys returned. Clock restarted. Bell ropes put back in place and pictures returned to previous position.